Merpati Air to Resume Operations

Merpati Air, an Indonesian Airline announced they hope to resume operations in 2019. It is not guaranteed but the CEO is well assured it will. In 2014, they went bankrupt because of financial problems. The operations may start if they reach aggrement on a 734 Billion Dollar Debt. If the airline does resume operations, then they will not operate any Boeing or Airbus Aircraft but will be operating Russian Aircraft after incidents with Boeing and Airbus Aircraft.


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In my opinion, this is great! Other then the switch of aircraft. They only operated 737-300’s to 500’s but those were Aircraft with many accidents. They did have a fatal crash from a Russian aircraft killing all onboard. If they were to buy an aircraft like the Boeing 737-800 or 737Max, they’d be surprised how safe it is (Regarding the Lionair accident)

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Oh, YAY! I always kinda felt bad for this airline.

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