Merka's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @KJAC

I’d love if you dropped by and flew inbound, pattern work, transitions, or departures. I have passed my written exam and I am practicing for my IFATC practical.




KGEG - Spokane Intl




I will be open for the next 45 or so minutes for sure. I will stay longer depending on how much traffic comes.

I’m on my way

On my way rn

Do y’all wanna join me on a flight from Chicago Midway to Minneapolis on the train server? I’m leaving in about 15 minutes

Can’t come right now in the middle of a long haul. Be sure to tag me next time!

Which route are you on?

I’m back on if you still want to join.

I’m in again, I apologize for the interruption. Feel free to come.

Do you wanna do Chicago center for me, I’m going from MDW to MSP

I’m going to stay at KGEG for now since it is more GA/pattern work friendly.

True though

ill join where are you

currently open at KGEG for the next 30+ mins

Yeah i am in lets go:)

Just left Midway

Closed. Thanks to everyone who came.

I’m open at CYYJ! Will be here for the next 30-60 mins

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Wish I could join, but I am at school :(

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Hey! I can come fly some patterns if you have time

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