Meridiana to be renamed Air Italy

Akbar: Meridiana to be renamed Air Italy b/c “we really want to be the national carrier of Italy, serving the Italian public”

The announcement comes after Qatar Airways purchased a 49% in the airline. Not only will the name change, Meridiana is in a fleet renewal process, which included the retirement of their remaining McDonnell Douglas MD-80s.
Source (in Italian):


I think that Qatar had influence on this, just speculating.

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You Dont Say

Just connecting the dots here…


I know that it seems obvious, but even if they own those 49%, they might not have any influence (even though i think they do).

49%, even though it is not a majority, is still a big influence. They just need to convince 1.01% that they are right. Qatar has a massive amount of resources and convincing that 1.01% would be easy.

What are they being replaced with

I guess Qatar is going to strength up their position in the aviation world. 2 days ago, Qatar Airways acquired a minority stake at Cathay Pacific. From news I’ve heard, they are going to make an alliance to cut some of these airlines’ cost, including Fuel. Which will give a significant advantage to these airlines.

Notice how all of the airlines they have a stake in, (BA, Cathay, etc.) they are almost all in the Oneworld alliance. Looks like somebody wants to rule the entire industry!

If I’m correct, some of the 737MAX8s Qatar hasn’t on order will be used on some of their routes, as well as A330s or 787s.

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Remember the 737 MAXs Qatar ordered a while ago?
Yes. Those will replace majority of the short haul fleet of ‘‘Air Italy’’


Qatar has some 30 787-9s on the way. They migh send them to meridiana to replace the 767s

I don’t think that’s how it works…

I thought there was already an Air Italy?

Quoted from ‘Air Italy’ Wikipedia article:

“Air Italy S.p.A. is an Italian airline[2] headquartered in Milan. It is a fully integrated subsidiary of Meridiana and operates domestic and international services using the Meridiana brand.”

Provided Meridiana is becoming Air Italy, and they already own an Air Italy subsidiary, they will probably just rebrand their main airline and their subsidiary at the same time, and you will probably only see one, not two.

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Did Alitalia go bankrupt or are they still receiving help from the government.

Yes, Alitalia couldn’t level out their buoyant force and it sank down into the depths of the airline oceanic graveyard…

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This also describes the situation well, they will also be expanding their fleet. I’m happy for this as they operate to Antanairvo.

Looks like Alitalia isn’t completely dead. But eventually, Air Italy will take over.

They better come up with a livery that beats Alitalia’s, or I’ll throw a fit.


They need to do better.


That ain’t their new livery I think. This is what I found for the logo, so correct me if I’m wrongIMG_3119

No one can replace Alitalia my friend. We’ll see how Air Italy does it.