Merging Votes From Two Different Topics

Is it even possible to merge two feature request topics and their votes together?

Just want to know because there are 2 topics, one being closed with 21 votes, and another with currently 18 votes.

So here is the question: Is it possible to merge both amount of votes of the two same topics together?

This is the open one

This is the closed one

I’m not sure, but as far as I know, once a feature request is closed, the votes return back to everyone that has voted but are still somewhat in the system. For example, when the A350 thread was closed, the 542 votes went back to the users but were still in the system, so when it was re-opened, the vote count displayed 0 votes, but the 542 votes were all accounted for.

I hope I explained this well :)

There is not. The developers take into account all the threads on a specific feature. As stated before, closing does “release” the votes.

This is one reason we do not allow people to remake a feature request that has a decent number of votes.

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Oh. I perfectly understand now. Thank you and this topic may now be closed.