Merging Duplicates

I think a better way to be working with duplicates is maybe to make them be automatically threaded* (merged) under the older one. User friendly aint it?


Called merging :)


Merging yes! Thats it! I squeezed my brain just now still I couldnt find it thanx to u Tecnam…

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Better than closing the old topic to make way for the new one in my opinion as that IMO makes the whole thing a bit messy.
It also may seem nicer to some people to merge duplicate topics rather than close them.
So yeah, if done correctly I think this may not be a bad idea.

Actually, this already happens. Here’s a example

I do this sometimes, but most of the times the new topic adds nothing to the old one, so merging would be pointless. With that being said, this does work really well sometimes:)


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