Merger maybe?

I would love to see infinite flight and X-Plane 10 (laminar research) work together. In my opinion I feel that both apps have exactly what both are missing. I believe that this bilateral work could be of great potential and will highly benefits both sides for the greater good of the app pilots community. (Just a thought)


I left X-Plane for Infinite Flight. Don’t get me wrong X-Planes is nice but IF hits the spot for me. Especially when Live came out I haven’t flown XP since.
Merger? IF doesn’t need XP.
But I can see your point on the voids they could fill for each other.


Have you seen the amazing landscape, clouds, modes and settings available on X-Plane 10 lately? It is miles ahead of IF. But everything else sucks. Thats why I would like to see the both share their knowledge and work together. The result will answer to every request that people want on IF and vice-versa.

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Both apps do have positives that the other doesn’t but I don’t see a merger happening.

Yes, you’re right about the graphics, far more impressive on XP. But everything else like you said doesn’t meet expectation. XP best airport Innsbruck and KSEA.

It seems like they have different ‘objectives’ with only flight sims in common. They both have positives for sure. Not to mention if they merged the FDS team would have to spend time improving Xplane. As a customer of FDS I’d rather be paying them to improve IF rather then another app I don’t use.

Both work together on some aspect of the simulator. Do some research.

Link? I’d be interested to read :)

When IF updates and includes 3D airports, people moving, etc, would you still think the merger would be necessary??

I don’t think so.

People you have to know what merging means. You think apple and Microsoft will merge bcos they can make better OS? Grow up guys. There is another term you can use partnership, collaboration (you scratch my back I scratch yours) etc.


I used the word merger because that’s what I would like to see based on my opinion not yours. Also it would be silly if they worked together to both end up with the same result, that will leave us with 2 redundant apps. Why not just make it one? I’m sure alot of pilots crys for buildings, clouds, better controls, better graphics, lighted cockpits, buildings, lighted runways/taxiways etc… can be addressed instead of waiting 10 years for updates to come that X-PLANE already has. Then again thats my opinion.

Are you talking about mobile xPlane? If yes, it sucks compared to IF although they could learn something from them: working cockpit instruments and airport 3D buildings. What’s the status on the landing smoke actually?

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I suspect it is where to apply the resource of the platform being used (eg iPad). There is only so much real estate. Do you want Infinite Flight or Limited Flight (X-Plane) 😜

they can never do that on a smartphone, most likely a pc and matt didnt say no but not yes either so its possible

Ummmm…no chance of such a merger. None at all. :)


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i like IF way better than xplane

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i know but think about in the next 10 years where IF will be they said there might be 3D buldings in 2017 just give it some time.