Merge Training Server 1 and 2

Better to have more capacity than multiple servers.

The question is whether this idea is good?

  • Yes
  • No

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If you say no please explain why.

I think it is only staying up while the 787 mania is still running. I’m sure that would mean Laura needs to buy a bigger server.


it points towards an issue in the future though because this app would be far more popular in the future especially with global.

Yes it would be. I’m sure that’s what Laura intends to do, right? Bigger servers for Global?

Definitely would have to be.

Training 2 has only been activated because of the very high Training 1 traffic. Most are still on T1, but it’s useful for those on lower-end devices to use with much lower traffic.

I suspect it will be deactivated after the 787 mania is over.

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Well you never know how much they can cope with. Maybe she has some backups that she will start using?

Remember for global the traffic will be much more spread out; it’s not the servers that aren’t coping (they still have plenty to go on), it’s people’s devices.

I realise that, lol thats why i made this topic about merging them to increase the capactiy of the training server

Many users with lower spec devices won’t be able to use Training Server 1 with the current high volumes of traffic. A separate server allows them to fly on Live.

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ah fair enough… this makes sense

We don’t need extra server capacity, Training 1 is only at 75% :). It’s for people where their devices will just not cope.

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Yes, I had second thoughts too. Laura has done a fantastic job with the new update to support lower end devices even better. My device runs so smoothly with full aircraft quality and wing flex!

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i see that thanks for elaborating. its a shame i would love to see it not having to be used.

Yeah it’s not ideal, but think of the people running IF on iPad 2’s… It’s fair for everyone until the fire dies down.


Training Server 2 is only here temporarily to help ease workload on Training Server 1 and to give people a quieter place to fly during the iOS update rush. It won’t be here for long.