Menu Problem on Mobile device

So, what’s the thing? The menu appears to be normal when I’m on the top, but when I scroll down, searching for topic, the menu is disappeared. In other words, the menu stays on the top.

On the top of the page

Scrolling down…

The menu is disappeared.

Hope there’s a solution of this. I tried everything and nothing worked.

My device: iPhone 6. Browser: Safari

Also… does anyone have the same issue?

Are you on an iPhone?

Edit: it is to early for me to be on the computer lol

see in the menu section I cant scroll down

Not an issue for me on my iPad 8 gen or my iPhone 12. Could be a browser issue as I’m using Google Chrome and not Safari and also my screen on both devices is bigger then your phone.

This is not happening with me.
iPhone XR

I’m not getting anything close to this on my IPad or phone. Not really sure what the issue is.

Did you used Safari?

The menu doesn’t show when I scroll down. This cause me to have to scroll up or refresh the page

Yes. By looking at other responses, I would say this is a problem on your device. Is it whenever you open it up? Or is it only right now?

Yup. Everytime, but when I go down to see older topic. Probably is my device

Have you restarted your device?

I did everything. Nothing worked

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