Menu Music

Am I the only one who thinks there should be Menu Music for Infinite Flight? Just some jazz or house music would really make the experience a lot better in my opinion, it would add a lot to the game!

Also I’m not sure if this goes under user-interface or misc lol

Feel free to vote :)

mods getting ready to explain why they’re shutting this poll down


They were the ones to approve it lol

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Fly Plane Pilot Jet Simulator 2023 8K Pro vibes intensify.


only game better than IF 👌

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I 1000% agree.

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I would vote for this but idk man… lol

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This is one of the more interesting Features topics I’ve seen here… but I kinda like it.


Only if it’s elevator music.


Personally I just put on some nice lofi or whatever I feel like on Apple Music and it plays in the background.

although I don’t really fly with music and I use the menu for like one minute so I don’t really worry about music most of the time


FSX05 starts blasting at full volume


I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but music on loading screens makes the app feel “cheap” or “poorly done.” It gives me parking simulator vibes from my younger iPad days.


Same here. I think the game would look poorly and very cheaply made.


I just blast out the Spiderman 2 Pizza Theme whilst I’m loading into the sim. Works great, even in public. Sure I get a few funny looks, but who cares.


True, but what if the music was good :)

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In my opinion, the main menu is often overlooked by most users, so dedicating time to find suitable music and ensuring copyright compliance would be a considerable hassle. Implementing such a feature might negatively impact the performance, resulting in longer loading times and potential bugs. For instance, I can already see an issue like “Menu Music not stopping when loading flight.” Additionally, I find the concept of menu music to be outdated, and based on my experiences with Apple, using music for short menu sequences is not recommended. While I appreciate the creative thinking, I’m not entirely convinced it’s a wise decision.

However, let’s see how it plays out. Thank you for considering my viewpoint!


Haha I’ve never really thought about this, this would be interesting, cool thinking

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