I’m new to Infinite Flight and sort of have some basics down, I was wondering if there’s anyone that could be a mentor to me and help me progress through. Thank you


Welcome to the community,

There will be people here who will always be happy to help but its best to first go through this thread which houeses a full pilot guide with links to many videos/resourses that will definitely help you out.


The best way to learn is on your own. Find your way through the forum and talk with other members. Once you can i’d recommend trying to join a VA. If ATC is your thing you’ve got our brand new TSATC group as well as Plane and Pilot. They have both flying and ATC stuff so it’s a great organization to join :). Have fun and welcome to the IFC!



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Did you not see I put “once you can” implying when he meets the requirements he should? Read the whole post…

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With any questions browse the forum, if it’s not giving you answers then message me or anyone else you see who appears to be quite active, chances are they will have your answer or know someone who does. If you need more help make a topic. There is no need to struggle and figure it all out yourself, I did it this way but the community has evolved so much that everyone can help each other get better at flying.


Write down “infinity flight”
And check it out

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Definitely youtube. The infinite flight channel has video tutorials for nearly all aircraft in infinite flight. Although if you want to venture out into the more complex tutorials etc go and search through the forums.

Search and you will find!

Welcome to Infinite Flight


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I just learned on my own with a couple support topics on this forum. And it’s been well. It takes a while to grasp it all but when you do it’s a blast.


It would be definitely possible for you to get a Mentor in this wonderful community but I do think the best way to learn is by yourself, you will learn a lot more. Hope you enjoy IF. The community and game itself is great.
Happy Flying my friends,

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People ain’t gonna learn for you bro, “a good pilot is always learning”


Thanks man appreciate it! Will definitely have a look.

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