@ mentions on the new notification panel

Ah yes, a #features request, but for the forum instead…

If you’ve checked your notifications recently, you probably noticed the slightly revamped notification panel. I quite like it, as it gives more quick filtering options than before (although it’ll take a little while to get used with them being to the right of the panel rather than the top), however I feel like having yet another filter, an @ mentions one, could be pretty nice, especially since that is a filter once you go to the notification tab on your profile.

Here’s a very lazy edit of what it could look like since I’m too lazy to do an actually good edit:

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I actually only noticed it because of this topic 🤣

A mentions tab would be very useful.


As most of these features are implemented discourse side, I’m not sure it’s something that could be added to the forum through our staff team

Would be handy though to filter through my @ mentions and then my likes when I flame someone on the forum


Totally unrelated question.

Do you really have every single topic on “Watching”?


Goes to show how wonderful of a life I have.

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Discourse themselves have a “features” category in a separate forum:

Might be worth posting it there, @AvioesEJogos, since it will definitely get seen more, by the right people.

That’s what I did.

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I wish it was back to normal

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