Memphis to Singapore I B777F I FedEx

Hello IFC, today I embarked on a 19 hour flight with FedEx Virtual Group. This was a fun and amazing route to fly, and I enjoyed it a lot. Below are some pictures enjoy them!

Flight Information

  • Aircraft: B777F
  • Route: KMEM-WSSS
  • Flight time: 19hr 2min
  • Server: Expert

Getting ready for takeoff out of beautiful Memphis!

This heavy bird lifting off ground ready for a strong 19 hours.

Finally time to put the gear down, and do final landing checks.

Little bit of a cross wind as we are about to land.

Touchdown, after 19hr 2min!

All of us parked at the gate after a successful flight!

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See you next time, happy landings! āœˆļø


thanks for coming along! great flight


Looked so fun! Iā€™m for sure interested in join Fedex Virtual!


What a fun route enjoyed it šŸ¤ŖšŸ™ƒ