Memphis to Dubai - FedEx DC10

Hello everyone! Yesterday I departed Memphis which was a Cargo Hub, heading to Dubai. I was planning to land the time @BritishAirways001 opened OMDB… but I forgot to engage LNAV till 4 hours into the flight… Hope you enjoy these pictures!


Flight Time: 14:45
Aircraft and Callsign: DC10, FedEx 8 Heavy

  1. Loading Cargo at gate

  1. Old livery and the new livery. Which one do you prefer?

  1. Rotating as the 77F is holding short

  1. Banking right after takeoff

  1. Cruising… with no clue that im heading to nowhere with LNAV off…

  1. Over the Atlantic

  1. A moonshot!

  1. There is some amazing scenery in the Middle East!

  1. Short Final at OMDB with a Emirates 77W holding short

  1. A buttery touchdown of -78fpm. Gotta admit it, it was a bit floaty.

I really hope you liked these shots!

Which one was your favourite?
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Which FedEx livery do you prefer?
  • Old
  • New

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Thank you for checking my topic out, have a great day!


Sorry I didn’t open OMDB but I will soon!

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