Memphis to Atlanta! @ KMEM- 270115ZAPR20

A/C and livery: Delta 737-900
Departure: 2400z 6:00PM CDT
Server: Expert
Cruising alt- 28000ft Speed: Mach 0.78
Additional Info:
I will be flying back to KMEM, but you don’t have to. Spawn in at 23:50z, copy my flight plan, and follow me to gate once we arrive in KATL.

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What aircraft? Some planes Mach .83 is way to fast

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Usually B737-900 cruise between M.77 -M.80. Just a heads up.

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I changed it. Thanks. Yeah… I think that would’ve been too fast. Thanks again

Would you guys like to attend? If not, I understand.

If you plan on attending start spawning in now!

Event cancelled due to no attendance. :(

Isn’t it at 2400z?

2400Z is midnight, which is referred to as 0000Z. :)

I know but isn’t it only 2300z


What time is 7:00 pm cdt?

Event time changed to 0115z, 7:15 CST, final time, no more changes, if no participants, flight is cancelled.

I can definitely come but can you please send me the flight plan. I don’t know why but for some reason every time I copy someone’s plan within the app it screws it all up

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I’ll send it at 7:00 cst

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Here is the flight plan. FPL: HARUB ZUPIN R0366 SAAMM JAAXX AYERR HOGGG KLOWD FUEEL RONII EYESI MRCER R0525 KATL. Also, please don’t take off until the previous aircraft pass waypoint SAAMM. You can spawn in. Pushback time 7:15 cst.

With STAR?

For simplicity, just FPL for today.

Okay well for the sake of realism I’m going to make a plan with them. I’m sure it’ll be close enough so we’ll be right together. Sorry I’m just trying to get more professional

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I understand, I usually do them too, but I’m tired rn lol.

I’m going to be at gate a21