Memphis has aircraft restrictions?

Hi! I’m coming to Memphis and was checking the ATIS and it says there is an aircraft size restriction in place is this correct? If so can I still take my MD-11F there?


You can absolutely take MD11F in there 😉


That’s weird, I wouldn’t think that there would be a restriction there. 🤨


ye its weird, bc fedex operate big jets😂

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Yeah I landed with the MD-11 earlier, I see the notams and it’s weird that the size restrictions are in effect at the hub airport

Yeah that’s what I thought!!

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Pming @Captain_Piotr would be your best bet. He’s your current controller.

let him finish his ‘shift’, he might be busy considering its the hub

Alright, so the ATIS reads:

Memphis airport, ATIS information GOLF, time 1325 ZULU, Wind 350 at 7 Visibility 9, Temperature -5, Dew Point -7, Altimeter 3021. Remarks, no pattern work allowed, no light aircraft accepted at this time, use of Departure and Arrival procedures required. Landing Runways 36L, 36C, 36R and 27, Departing Runways 36L, 36C, 36R and 27. Notams, aircraft size restrictions in effect. Advise on initial contact, you have information GOLF. reads that:


I assume this means no A380’s or 748-8’s allowed, which are class F spawns.

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Should be fine! Controllers don’t get a notification from an IFC DM unless it’s set up that way. They will respond after the session. You can send a pm now. :)

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Alright thanks everyone for the help!


no worries Alfie!

In case anyone else stumbles across this I put Size Restriction’s in effect because the a380 and a350 weren’t on the list so I wasn’t sure if it would fit in memphis and decided that would be the right thing to do but this thread is giving me a different feeling lol


I am certain I have seen B747-8 freighters at KMEM before