Memphis ground control is too crazy!

I went from Auckland to Memphis Airport, which is the feature of 2020/06/29. First, there was something wrong with the control of the tower, but I was able to deal with it with my careless mistake. But! There was a user who was crossing the runway before me when I was taxiing to the apron from about Memphis Airport, and even though I proceeded the taxi route before me, I contacted me that the completion was stopped. I’ve been It’s unfair and uncomfortable to give me a stop order and give me a breach, even though it’s not a place to stop without crossing the runway!

Hi. Do you know the name of the controller? If you don’t, can you provide the time that this happened at?


Thank you for your reply! I remember the controller name. I’m IFATC Shiv. In terms of the situation, I was waiting for me as if I was on the runway for a while even though I had the permission to cross the runway and I had time to cross over. There was no order to stop after crossing the runway, but it’s strange to get me a warning and give me a warning!

Hmmm, sounds odd. Sorry I can’t help you since I wasn’t controlling or flying at the time, but @Shiv can contact you privately (he’s been notified with this tag) and discuss the situation. Thanks for reaching out!

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I’ll pm you

Thanks for the deal! I’m sorry to bother you. Now, I would like to talk to the person and deal with it! Thank you for your help!