Memory of Joe Sutter @ KBFI - 102400ZSEP16

Server: Expert Server

Region: Seattle

Airport: KBFI

Time: 2230Z

NOTAM: One of the most iconic figures in aviation history, at the age of 95, Joe Sutter, died unexpectedly yesterday. He was the father of the 747. So, in his honor, we will be using the 747-200, 747-400 and 747-8i. If you are in 747-200, show up in the Pan Am Livery. If you are in the 747-400, show up in the Generic Livery. If you are in the 747-8i, show up in the Boeing House Color Livery. Do not show up with any other plane. The Flight Plan is down below:

####Gate Assignments in Post #2


Gate Assignments:

B737BAY Gate A1: Availabe
B737BAY Gate A2: @Flightfan84
B737BAY Gate A3: @CaptDrew
B737BAY Gate A4: @sk28
B737BAY Gate A5: @PlanesForLife
B737BAY Gate A6: @Mix56awesome
B737BAY Gate A7: Availabe
B737BAY Gate A8: Availabe

(More gates availabe if needed)

Would come, but it’s too late for me.

Am I allowed to show up in the 747 VC 25 to show how great his design was? If so can I take one of the heavy gates.

I prefer the other variants, because it will be more organized.

Ok I’ll show up in the 747-8. Can we do a bit of formation flying during the flight?

Yes, we will try to do that. But what is your gate?

Surprise me.

Wish I could join, but its in Expert :(

You have until Saturday to get Grade 3!

I’m only at 16,000 XP at the moment, if I end up flying, I’ll break my record for longest flying. Might or might not :)

@PlanesForLife May I put in for gate 2 please?

Thank you! I’ll see you there. Also thank you for putting this together.

Man, I really want to come, but I’ll be in the middle of my own event :(

Your welcome. Such sad news that an amazing icon in aviation history has passed.

I’ll take gate 1 @PlanesForLife

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Yes it sure is. Cheers to him and his work.

A4 please. I will be in the -200

Okay, see you there!

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Nice 3 o’clock in the morning don’t think I will be coming