Memory low

Is there any other way than lowering my settings to make it dissapear

Make what disappear?

make device memory low disappear. and aren’t you sleeping

Yes, there is a way. Close unnecessary apps… Don’t just slide them away, go to the application settings and Force Stop or Kill the app… Also, what phone are you using?

iPhone 6+.

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Alright, I don’t use iOS so I’m not able to help further other than to tell you to close (kill) unnecessary apps…

Isn’t this about RAM?


If a device runs out of RAM it wrights the temporary files into the local storage so If you run out of RAM and storage you’ll get an error message
Make Shure:
-You stop the Autostart of some not important Apps due to ram (IF It’s possible on IOS (sorry I’m on Android))
Or just kill some processes

-And You should have at least 1gb Free space

99GB free and I’lltry

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Erm Thomas… RAM, not memory space…

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4gb ram. And you cannot delete it I believe

I can’t even look

Lol do you even know what a RAM is? You can’t delete it… RAM stands for Random Access Memory and it’s a sort of operating memory so yes, have you killed those unnecessary apps yet?


yup I have killed

Alright, so your settings are all at the lowest as you said? Airplane quality and so on?

nope I want airplane settings to be high so I set it high but others are low

That might be your problem. Turn everything to low

Flying Live or Solo?
My advice:
Airplane quality: Medium/High
Terrain quality: Low
AA: Off
Water: Low

4 gb or RAM is more than enough. That’s what I have on my S7. I believe the iPhone 6s only has 2 gb of RAM

Edit: yup only 2 gb of RAM

Have you tried by lowering the quality of the graphics? Make sure that you don’t have any other applications running at the same time.