Memory low issue

I have issue with long hour flight whenever im flying more then 16 hour flight it always show memory low on ur device, but i have 10 gb free in my device, can anyone help me pls this is 3rd time happened on long haul flight my last flight is qantas 9.



Could you show us a screenshot of the message you’re getting?

If it’s the little red message up the top then that’s because your device is running out of memory (RAM or Random Access Memory). I would suggest you restart your device prior to the flight and make sure only Infinite Flight is open. Also I would recommend you turn down your graphics settings while en route so your device doesn’t get hot and slow down.

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Memory refers to RAM, which is not the same as the storage. Refer to what @Qantas094 said above ☝️


Try clearing things like cache and browsing history which will clear RAM. You may also want to do a hard reset (iPhone) by holding the power and home button (hold volume up button on iPhone X or later) for about 10 seconds or more until the device turns black and you see the apple logo in white and black. Hope this helps :).

Close all background apps while you’re flying. Set graphics to low, plane count to low, texture quality to low. Scenery takes up the majority of memory.

Hope this helps.

You didn’t tell us what mobile device you’re using.
I get the idea it’s a relative old device as I have the same issue on my old iPad mini 2. (Mine even crashes after a few hours flight)

The trick is to clear your ‘working memory’, which is your RAM, as already mentioned by @Qantas094

You may want to try two more things:

  1. remove recordings from flights and ATC sessions you no longer need.
  2. try clearing your cache during your long flight.

I have tried both of these, but I have to be honest: the results were not consistent. I’m interested to hear if they help you.

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Well im using ipad air 2

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