Memory issue

So I have about 9GB of storage on my iPhone and during flight I get the message saying “device memory is low, reduce advanced setting…”.
Is this RAM being talked about and if so how do I fix the problem
Iphone 7
IF: 18.2
Latest software on iPhone

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I get that message usually when I haven’t restarted my iPad for a while and done a lot of flying. Have you restarted your device before every flight?

I have found that this usually doesn’t cause any problems, and can simply be fixed by closing some background apps.

No not normally, that helps I assume?

Not sure, I’ve noticed lag when the message is present

RAM and storage are two different things. The message is referring to RAM. Infinite Flight recommends you have at least 1 GB of RAM available. Restarting your phone each time before flying should help.

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It does help me, restart your IPhone before every flight and see if you still get the message 😊

Ok, will do, I thought it was talking about RAM. I’ll try to instill these habits