Memories Since You Purchased IF

wow. yeah i also didn’t know that its abit over 5 years now for me l.

i have started playing this game when the global has come, before that i was watching vidoes about the game

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okay cool wahts your best momory since then ?

i have make flight from bahrain to dubai

Close, but no cigar ;). More than 7 years ago I bought Infinite Flight.

Loads of ups and downs. Mainly ups.


okay thats impressive

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Good Luck for the next 3 years then you have your 10th anniversary

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Wow! That’s earlier than @schyllberg!

Bet that’s Photoshopped ;)


that would be funny and sad at the same time

Oof, a salty loser I see… ;)

I’m not planning on going anywhere. So yeah, 3 more years and it will be my 10th anniversary.


The engine sounds were like someone making noises through a empty toilet roll funnel 😂 it’s quality now 👌🏻

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@Captain_Infinite yeah the engine sounds are much better. i think most of the guys that want new better engine sounds don’t know th old sounds.

I bought it in 2012 was in a Cessna at ksfo and I departed and crashed as my first flight

i also crashed my first flight

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Yah I didn’t know how to turn the ap off so it hit the engines to 100 and flaps all the way down

I remeber that time were i bought IF for 5,49€ and an 757-200 for 5,49€ and an A340 aswell for 5,49€ that were really a expensive time.

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oh and the best was the nice reflecting and moving water.

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Yah I bought the 737 800 and the 767 and would do landings at KOAK and I remember the day global came out IF had come a long long way. Great job to all the staff

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I started in 2014-15 and remember people trying to figure out how to fly in between the regions and in 2016 I was REALLY ANTICIPATING the 787, and the first month or so it was free with Virgin Atlantic being the airline

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