MEMORIES: Shuttle, Air Force One, 737 Cockpit and the interface

Checking on my facebook, I used to share my screenshots of my little flights, here I leave you these that bring me too many memories:

And yes, we previously had a mission in the simulator, which was to land the space shuttle. How many had the opportunity to fly?

This is what Air Force One previously looked like

TUIfly Boeing 737 cockpit

The interface (year 2014)

Back then, we had to buy planes individually.

I open a thread for all those who have memories of these old days in the simulator to comment here. How many veterans? I hope you like my find.


I bought all the add on planes except for the A330 freighter and the E175 and E195. The regions were also like that, and luckily they remained free for those who bought them after Global was released.

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I bought a lot of planes but usually it would be one version maybe 2 of a plane that my parents would let me buy. Seeing those screenshots especially the interface one brought back so many memories

Although this doesn’t comply with the #screenshots-and-videos rules, but I’m not gonna bother you with it because this images are truly historic lol

Wow! These photos bring back some great memories! I remember I would pester my parents to buy me the 767 and 757 (I loved the AA livery as a 7 year old), and my grandparents ended up buying it for me. I hope someday they bring the shuttle back!

Too historic in fact, we must print them and stick em’ on our walls

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