Memories don’t fade

It’s Rewind time…oh that was disgusting. Either way, Heya everybody!
Today we’re back, in time explore the old infinite flight. And one thing, the graphics make me go nuts.

Planes: 737, 787 747
Airlines: Air Virgin, Southwest
Time: Of course noon
Player: single
Server: Did they have multiplayer that time?
Device: Note9 Samsung

10 out of 10 Graphics

No wing flex.exe

I buttered…perfect.

737 wing = a330 tip

The Stall went crazy when I turned.

This…is one true legend…

Microsoft Flight Simulator?

Hmm How do you drive this?

Ok I hoped you liked, I like all of them, it looks great…especially the 787…OK. Keep safe, have a great time, and I’ll see you soon.

By the way don’t tell my mom I wasted storage for this topic.


Beautiful post, it’s amazing how much this game and community has grown over the past near decade!


Yes…I better wipe my eyes from this real quick.


Amazing to see how far we have come.


Yep after i have no idea years. It’s better


It’s really disturbing that there’s no free roam.

Hey! Please be sure to read the rules of the #screenshots-and-videos category regarding posting images with a HUD or aircraft information in them.

Just kidding! Love the throwback! Reminds me of the old days of IF so much.

Hehe…yeah. How do you remove the yoke then? If you know it.

Why did the 737 look like that 💀

I don’t know…

I should maybe download the pc version.

The nostalgia of these 😞

Now just waiting for someone to tell you to remove the HUD 😂



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The coffin dance intestifies.

The good old days

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