Memories about your first flight ever

My parents had to tell me.

First Flight: an amazing 3h Delay!

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My first flight was a Boeing 737 (400 I think)
Air Malta, in the days when we could go into the flight deck and I spent an hour with the pilots in amazement! The pilots turned to me and switched the testing lights on and so the whole cockpit, warning lights and everything lit up and they said to me, “these are our Christmas lights”. Will never forget that flight! The pilot had his feet up on the Yoke when I walked in hahah!

It was a South West 737-800 I got to meet the Pilot Pre-flight and got this plastic Southwest Wings badge, I still have it to this day!

B757-200 Britannia Airways. Was 4 years old, this was pre 9/11, remember my dad asking the FO while he was going out of the cockpit if we could have a look. Always been interested in flying. I was in total awe, looking at the dimmed lights in the cockpit (was a night flight, looked absolutely extraordinary)

I just got back from my first flight lesson

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Iberia one maybe.

Geneva Madrid. Maybe A320.

It was in 2004. The next flight was Madrid - Caracas I think, in maybe a A346? I don’t know but I remember my father asked the stewards if I can access the cockpit then I crossed business and first classes then I see the cockpit at night and the pilot has showed me that he can reverse display by clicking on them. It was fun.

I remember seeing a woman with amazing curly hair (I love hairstyles) and sleeping then wake up with a dinner on my table.

i was moving to london from so korea
was on a korean air boeing 747-400
i remember my dad used to hold me by the windows…

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My first one was from Atlanta to Montego Bay I think?

I was 11 years old, not quite 12 in 1980. Southwest Airlines from Dallas Love Field to San Antonio, 737-200. Went by myself to stay with grandparents for a few weeks before my parents and siblings drove down.

What I remember most were the stewardesses with their famous “hot pants” uniform.

I took my first flight when I was an infant. I remember nothing. First flight I remember? Gosh I’ve flown so much that, ironically, I can’t remember.

E-Jet family? I think they can fit 4 abreast, as you described.

first flight to bali I flew AirAsia and had a hard landing and bounced, never have I flown on AirAsia since

First flight was when I was 3. I flew on a JetBlue A320 from JFK to Port Au Prince Haiti to visit family. Cant really remember that much.

First transatlantic flight was on an Aerlingus A330-300 from JFK to Dublin when I was 5 to visit my family . I got the window seat and saw the wonders of flight and at that moment I knew aviation was for me .

Departing from KLGA on my way to KMIA. All I remember was spitting up in my mom’s lap…(I was 3)

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I got to watch the fireworks from Disney while landing!! I was a month shy of being 3. Southwest Airlines in the old brown livery (1997). BWI to MCO. The first of many trips on that route. Was going to Disney world.

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Too many emojis… getting dizzy…

I cannot remember my first flight! I can only remember the one that I had a few months ago.

First flight…sleep

I thought the winglets were another plane flying right next to us.

It was about 1988/89 and I flew from Stornoway to Inverness with my mum. I was 12 years old at the time so a relatively late starter when it came to flying. Flights from the Western Isles back over to the mainland were usually astronomically expensive… and they still are in many respects! It was on a BA Hawker Siddeley HS 748 and I can remember being asked to move to a seat at the back before takeoff so the weight was balanced correctly. Not exactly the most reassuring thing to say to someone on their first flight.I still remember the mix of awe and fear as the plane made a fairly steep bank after takeoff to head over the North of the Island before making its way over the minch towards the mainland.

And with a bit of googling I’ve even managed to find what I think is the very plane :-)