Memories about your first flight ever

[ I don’t know why no one has made a post like this before, so I’m very happy to be the first and the only one doing it. ] 😉

I think this post is very important… because the first flight ever is an experience not to be forgotten…

My first flight was when I was 3 years old from Zurich (Switzerland) to Djerba (Tunisia).
I took the Airline “Edelweiss”, ( a Swiss Airlines ) and I really enjoyed it for the “Edel Weiss” (Alpine Star) on my little bib! 😂 I loved it! ❤️
An other thing that I loved was the butter sandwich! IT WAS AWESOME! 😍
I don’t remember all the flight because I slept all the time, except the lunch time 😂👌🏻😍

Guys, please write below your first flight experience! 😂


First flight I remember was a Lufthansa one I believe… Can’t really remember anything about it, but I think it was to Britain from Germany.

Hmm mine is a bit controversial because what i think from my memory is my first flight is Kuwait Airways A300 to Thiruvananthapuram. I think that was a special flight because it was once in a lifetime morning flight and it was Kuwait Airways fleets photo shoot day. I went in plane which the photo was taken. However my parents say my first flight was a Air India or Kuwait Airways 747 which i disagree since i don’t remember flying in one.

My first flight was from Milan to Ryadh via Jeddah with Saudi arabian airlines


Mine was from linate to heathrow😉😂😂🤗🤗🤗
Obvioulsy with BA 🇬🇧 🇬🇧 🇬🇧


I don’t remember it because I was 2 months old, and when I was still in my moms stomach she was still flying as flight attendant.

Mine was London, can’t rememberwhich airport, to Dublin with Aer Lingus I believe

Ah my first flight was when I was 6 months old and visited my family in Guernsey so it was EGHI-EGJB on a blue islands aircraft don’t know which type

My first flight was when I was 5years old. I flew on board with Aegean Airlines in an A320. The flight was short about 40 minutes and the route was HER-ATH (ICAO: LGIR-LGAV)

My first flight was in 2001 I believe. One of the Chinese airlines… Might be China Eastern? ZSNJ-ZLXN with 2 stops at ZSXZ and ZLXY ( I’m not sure about this stop). Can’t really remember the type of the aircraft. I’m suspecting a Boeing 737-something. I remember we were at the last row and it was Row 32 with two seats on each side of the aisle. If anyone has any idea of what aircraft it might be~ please enlighten me 😁


My first flight was when I was very young, maybe some years old. So I can’t remember exactly but it should be from Germany to Turkey.

Nah I don’t remember well how was my first flight, I just remember that it was from Panama to Miami in this aircraft 😂🤗

My first flight (not including flights from when I was a baby, because I don’t remember those) was flying Delta from Minneapolis (MSP) to Charlotte (CLT). I was 6 years old. don’t remember the type of plane but I do remember it was a 4 seater, so a smaller one. I remember asking a whole bunch of questions like “why do planes have wings?” “can I see the cockpit?” and while we were pushing back “are we going forwards or backwards?.”

Definitely an experience to never forget.

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My first flight ever, was with American Airlines, from KBOS-KDCA. I forget the plane type. Maybe A319, or B737?

Coconcorde when I was 6 months old to JFK from LHR

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My first flight was on middle east airlines in 1986 i was 2 months old from Beirut to Amman Uploading…

My first flight was SkyWest from DEN-MDW
I think… 🤔

Couldn’t tell you I was only one year old

United 747, DEN-LAX back in 2001.

My first when I was 6 weeks old JetBlue New York-Los Angeles