Memorial Day @ KJFK - 281700ZMAY17

(No, this event is not for a VA. Anyone can come!)

Server: Casual

Region: New York

Airport: KJFK

Time: 1700Z

NOTAM: Hey all! I’m planning a big Memorial Day event. We will start off at KJFK, take off from runway 13R, and then fly! Climb to 10,100 feet and cruise at 290-310 knots (air speed). We will fly south over the Atlantic for a little, and then fly over NJ and upstate NY.
About 30 NM away from KSWF, begin the descent for a touch&go on runway 27. Then, after the touch&go, climb back up to 10100 feet and cruise at 290-310 knots (air speed). Make a turn south over Connecticut, and then fly south over the Long Island Sound, then turn southwest as we begin the approach into KJFK.
We will then begin to descend about 30 NM away from KJFK. We will be doing a Canarsie approach on runways 13L and 13R at KJFK.


*Come in ANY American Airlines or US Airways plane.
*Do not push back until I (callsign Cactus 1523) does as it gives time for screenshots.
*Maintain best possible spacing for landing at JFK and the touch&go at SWF. You can however get as close as you want with other planes during the cruise.
*When taking off at JFK, line up and wait as soon as the plane ahead of you begins it’s takeoff roll. When they are airborne, you may begin your takeoff.

Flight plan:

It can also be copied from me as well.

Gate assignments:

Terminal 8 gate 01: @Fall_Etto
Terminal 8 gate 02: Open
Terminal 8 gate 03: Open
Terminal 8 gate 04: Open
Terminal 8 gate 05: Open
Terminal 8 gate 06: Open
Terminal 8 gate 07: Open
Terminal 8 gate 08: Open
Terminal 8 gate 12: Open
Terminal 8 gate 14: Open
Terminal 8 gate 16: RTG113

Reply below for a gate assignment. More gates will be added if needed!

Here are some local times the event will be at:

United States EDT: 12:00 PM
United States PDT: 9:00 AM
London GMT: 3:40 PM

Hope to see you there! Take some good screenshots.

Also, don’t forget the true meaning of Memorial Day. While having pool parties and barbecues are totally fine, remember the brave men and women who sacrificed their lives for our country.

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May 17th is my birthday! I may come, since it’ll give me a chance to practice my CRI Approach into JFK.


The time is 1700Z, the date is may 28th ;)

Count me in. I think I can join. Which day is the 28?

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May 28th is Sunday. You’ve been assigned gate 1

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Ok. Thank you. I was afraid it was on weekdays

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Can I also use United, Frontier, Southwest or JetBlue liberies?

I will consider allowing that

Dont worry, I knew that 😂

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I only asked ibecause it was an event related to America so I asked if other American liveries could be put on planes

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Hey, I can’t guarantee that I will be able to make it, as I will be in Florida visiting relatives. But I’ll still try! Even if I can’t make it, you guys can definitely still go.

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