Memorial Day Flight

Happy Memorial Day to the people who celebrate it in the United States. I was in a fly out at Washington Dulles International Airport (KIAD) near Washington DC. I had a route to Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport (KATL) in Atlanta.

Route: KIAD to KATL

Departure: 1:15pm PST

Landing: 2:15pm PST

Flight Time: About one hour

Aircraft: Southwest Heart B737-800

Parked at the gate

Takeoff runway 1C

Passing only 1000 feet above a old school United 777-200 who turned the wrong way

Cruising at 35,000 feet above Charlotte Douglas International Airport

Touchdown in Atlanta

Have a great day :)


Hey! That’s me in the generic A319 in the first pic!

Nice pics!


Nice pictures!

I flew with Frontier down to Orlando from the Memorial Day Flyout. Pretty smooth flight.


I think I may be there but I’m not sure