Memorial Coliseum to be Renamed "United Airlines Memorial Coliseum"

Today, United announced that the world-famous Memorial Coliseum, home to the U.S.C. Trojans and L.A. Rams, would undergo renovation and would additionally be named “United Airlines Memorial Coliseum”. Time expectancy of completion is set for 2019.

This deal cost United $69 million dollars and the total cost of renovation is around $270 million dollars. So, what are your thoughts on this? The deal shouldn’t be a financial issue following their crazy revenue increase.

Is the sports venue world getting more commercialized everyday?

How much passenger increase will this give United?

Was this a good marketing move by United?

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This will definitely give United some more passengers! I like this Idea, especially since the Trojans, Rams, and Chargers all play there!


As long as nobody is forcibly removed from the stadium they will be fine.


Jokes aside, let’s refrain from starting to talk about the United incident. That is the last thing I want. Thanks!

No. It’s been at saturation point for a long time. FGS, soccer (er, futbol) teams don’t even have their team names on their jerseys. They have “Emirates” and the like.

I’m surprised they still find time for sports in the breaks in their marketing shtick. We think of ads breaking up the game, but let’s be honest, sports exist as a revenue-generation machine. It’s the games that interrupt the constant stream of marketing. Not the other way around.


Many NBA teams have ads on their jerseys now. (small logos)


For example, the Boston Celtics are sponsored by General Electric (GE).

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The Chargers don’t play there, they play at the StubHub Center


Dan united is going from beating passengers to owning a coliseum

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