Memorable Flights | What's your best voyage?

Here you can tell your story of a flight which you were treated like a king! Ethier its first class flying or the best service.

Qantas (A380) from Sydney-Dallas.
Bussiness Class, lucky to be upgraded for a 16 hour flight.


In last year been lucky to have to business class long haul flights. 1st was with BA from LHR to Houston. Only found out just before the flight that my employer allowed me to upgrade sat was a 10 hr flight. Was on the top deck, port side in the first row so closest to the Captais seat! ( passenger wise anyway!).

Second was a 14hr flight from Singapore to London which was also business class on a B773.

Of the two the facilities, service and overall experience was much better with SiA.


Brussels to Miami
Jetairfly 787-8
Business class

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Economy Class

It was my first time flying inbound US that’s why this flight was important for me. Also treatment on board have been excellent. It was fun to fly on the longest passenger aircraft in the world :)


A Southwest Airlines trip from Albany to Louisville via Baltimore. When at Baltimore the captain of the flight before us (which had been delayed) talked to me for about 25 minutes about planes and things, and at the end when he has to board his plane he gives me his tie. (If you’ve seen a Southwest Airlines tie they have all the specialty aircraft down the front). Then ten minutes later he comes back and says they are rated and brings me on the aircraft (not my flight, one before) and let’s me sit in his seat and move the yoke, throttles, spoilers, rudder, and everything else, just not the flaps because they could hit someone on the ground.


@hmkane WOW


All flights are best voyages for me ::)


It was in a Lufthansa A321, the captain landed insanely smooth in a severe thunderstorm

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Way back with a KLM Cityhopper F28 from Rotterdam to London Heathrow.
I was visiting the cockpit when suddenly the door closed behind me. The extra seat was pulled out and I was given a headset.
The people I was traveling with were told I’d be back after landing. :)

The pilot also demonstrated the Speed Brake. Very cool to feel the effect of it and also the release again. :) The passengers felt it too! LOL
Being in the cockpit while landing was absolutely fantastic.
But that wasn’t it yet!
After touchdown we had to cross another runway just before the Concorde would take off.
Just for me, the pilot asked if he could delay crossing until after the Concorde had taken off.
Permission was granted and the pilot positioned the F28 in a way we could see the entire runway.
Seeing the Concorde coming right at us and taking off right in front of us was so great!
After that we taxied to the terminal. My city-trip to London couldn’t have started any better.


Flybe E-175 BHX-SZG. Why? Because we got awful turbulence over northern Germany.

Yep, My life is that boring.


He they are:


My most memorable flight was when I had to go to Vancouver via LAX from Hong Kong. This was memorable because I was heading off to boarding school in Canada and my mom came. I dint know it was business class but when we got to the airport we checked in at the economy section. The attendant said we needed to go to the business class section. From the business class section we got our lounge passes and we went lounge roaming at Hong Kong. I then boarded the flight being a bit tearful leaving Hong Kong but come the end of the flight the Cabin crew made me a little cake and a card wishing me luck and all of that.

I also had a memorable flight when I was going from Hong Kong with my dad to Rome. It was memorable because I had to spend the entire flight in the cockpit because it was a full flight, it also happened to be the first Cathay livery I went on as it was the One-world A340. Going back was also memorable because the cabin crew were super nice and it was after that flight that maybe being a cabin crew member might be a good idea. If your still reading this lets just say there is another flight that I did also with my dad.

I went from Hong Kong to kuala lumpur and back, this time it was different as I was on spring break coming back from school and he took me to KL. This was memorable for me as I was the first family member to fly with him when he was a captain, it was a good flight as I was given the option of sitting in business (regional) and watching my dad do all of the announcements and being in the left seat.

If you are still reading this thanks for getting all the way through.


That happens, FA’s are never tipped. If you tip them, you get free service.

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@Godzilla_Gamer Are you saying when I go to Europe over summer I should tip my FA and get free things or does it only work in business/first?

Well try it, it might work. I don’t know if it works EVERYWHERE.

Copenhagen To JFK 2014 the flight i decided that i wanted to be a pilot


Business class got a free upgrade had over 2 million flybuys points