Memorable flight

What is your most memorable flight on this game? With what aircraft/livery /// and what route?

ERJ-170, Delta, KUES-KOSH

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MLK Voice

All flights are created equal.


I flew a citation x from PHNL-PHTO in some terrible weather and finished it off with an amazing crosswind landing.

One of my longest flights was from PHTO-PHNL in a Cessna 172 on the Advanced server. VERY LONG FLIGHT!!!
Just over an hour.

PHTO-PHNL in an IndiGO a320. Beautiful flight conditions, and a beautiful approach and landing on Runway 04R :)

PHOG - PHOG in a Boeing 747-8 with @divebuddha. It took just over an hour.

FL390 1hr+long thats before the update :p

ERJ-190 I forget what livery. KLAX to KNUC to KSAN to KPSP. aLanded at each one, taxied and took off. Whole flight was about 1 hour and 3 min.

The first time I flew the 777-300 without failing.


My memorable flights are the ones that I use for Aircraft reviews. One coming soon! ;)


A cross between the first ‘proper’ pattern I did while @htchngs was training for IFATC, and @Captain_DJ’s ‘leaving’ flight around seattle :)

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Ahah that’s so kind!:)

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Don’t see you around much anymore :(

Just seem to remember it as I was just getting started on the Forum, XP gathering to try and get back onto advanced.

I know!:( I’ve got my final exams in a few months time and I just haven’t got the time for IF that I used to have. Hope you’re still having fun!

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Almost crashed (for Laurens standards) my AA B738 at KLGA while Matt was watching me D:

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