Hey guys! I’m really interested in getting the 1 year membership plan Becuase it will save me money and my main reason I want to get it… AUTOLAND. Now my questain is if I do purchase it today will I get the BBJ??? Thank you!

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AND ALSO if the new update for the A320 comes out will that be free for me also?!:)

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Yes you will get the BBJ until your Live+ membership expires


You will get the BBJ, and any future aircraft or regions (including the a320) :)

What if I get the 1 year right? And 1 year later I decide to get the 5$ plan will I keep all the regions and planes still or only the ones I purchased separately?

Only the one’s you purchased separately. Put it this way: you get what you pay for. Pay for 1 year of Live+ and it’s features. Live+'s features will expire after 1 year.

I recently got live+ and I love it

Am I the only one here who has spent about €200 (until now) for the App and its extras? :D

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Live+ is definitely worth it. Less than a dollar a week. How can you go wrong? It supports the devs.

Just got it!!!

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Oh my gawd, we’re getting an A320!?!?

(Now that that’s out of the way, carry on 😏)


Why pay so much? For what?

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I have purchased all regions and aircraft.

@MarioWHVGER All regions, almost every aircraft, and in a few days I have to pay for my 12th monthly subscription.

Me too. But I paid for only 50 €.

If I spend a few money every once in a while, my father won’t notice how many €€€ I’m losing/investing in total ;)


Ahh! Okay, I understand!