Membership issues

My subscription is valid till may but still it shows that i need to get a new subscription.

Attached is the screen shot from google play store.

Please do the needful.

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Did you press fly online or does it say get PRO?

It says Get pro

Then try this:

  • Tap “Get PRO”
  • “I already have an account”
  • “Restore to default account”.

It still shows me to get pro…

Please solve this… attached is the screen shot.

Are you sure you are using the correct account?

Yes… i have only one account

Then press GET PRO

No need to repeat exactly what I’ve already said. Thanks :)


I tried this… and it gave me the mesaage which is shown in the screen shot

I didnt get u… what u mean?

That was for me I said the same thing as he said

Didn’t reply to you :)
Give me a few mins here. I think i know what’s going on (root cause being an issue with Play Store back in April last year)

Handling via PM