Members favourite long haul route

Ah, my bad

JFK-HND is not suspended on either airline. JAL has flight JL5 flying the route daily, and ANA has NH109 which isn’t daily but doesn’t look suspended.

KLAX-LQSA | No long-haul service there so whatever livery I choose | 777-200ER | 10 ish hours, give or take | Situated in the mountains, so the Runway 29 approach is to be done with caution.

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EGLL-KLAX in a BA 747/380 on casual/training is a classic.

JFK-DXB Emirates A380

Route Airline Aircraft Flight time Remarks
KDFW-PHNL American 777-200ER/ 787-9 8:00 you have beautiful views of the islands on Approach and it is absolutely stunning flying over the LA area



Delta 777-200LR

All Ocean and then Desert!

Typically 13 Hours!

My alltime Fav Longhaul is LX40/41, Zurich-Los Angeles-Zurich in the Swiss 777. this was my first Global Longhaul, I have it done since then so many times, i stopped counting.

another great Longhaul is LFPO-FMEE, or LSZH-WSSS, both flights offer some very nice Scenery Changes