Members favourite long haul route

Hello everyone!!

I want to hear what are your favourite long routes to fly (+6 hours)
Also, say the most remarkable of the route (Scenery, times, zones…)

To help you, I suggest using this format:

Route | Airline | Aircraft | Flight time | Remarks

Mine is LSZH - CYVR | Air Canada | 773ER | 10:30 | You fly over greenland.


Mine is KLAX - EGLL | British Airways | 773ER | 10:00 | This is my most flown route on IF, my home city is London


Mine is Either VIDP - KJFK I Air India I 772LR I 14:00 I you fly over green laa-wait a minute
or KSFO - VOBL I UNITED I A359 I 17:00 I You pass beijing and japan ino my home town

Route Time Aircraft Remarks
OMDB-KLAX 15:40 B777-300ER Aircraft flies a polar route, sometimes overflying the North Pole

| EDDT - OTHH | Qatar | 77W | 6 hours

because EDDT is my home airport
fun fact: this route is real


UKBB-KJFK | 9:55 | UIA 772 | Great route that you dont often see people fly!

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| KATL - EHAM | KLM | A350-900 | 8 - 10 hours

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Western Europe to Asia has a lot of nice spots but flying over Alaska is just amazing

But I would say VHHH-LSZH or KSFO-VIDP (I am gonna do this soon but Ik it will be nice)

I’d say EGLL - FACT 772ER, about 11:30 . Flying over the Sahara and Sub Saharan Africa is beautiful.

Covering almost half of the Pacific Ocean

Anything into KORD really 😂

I flown in some cool long haul flights so I think

RKSI-KORD l 12:50 l United Boeing 747-400

Its a memory flight that United airlines flown on their 744

LFPG - KLAX | 11:54 | A380 | You fly over beautiful Greenland!

@Ecoops123 @Joseph_Spinner @NYFLFlyer22 @Armani_B @Captain_Merka @Tsumia remember this long haul?


That was last year if I remember correctly right?

It was during this year in February

I just fly in a general direction and land where I feel like landing.

KJFK - SBGR | 9:20 | 773 | This is my fav.

Route Time Aircraft Remarks
VHHH-CYVR 13:35 Air Canada B777-300ER One of my favorite routes I’ve flown IRL and in the sim for the Japanese Coast and Cascade Mountain Range!
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LIRF-FAOR, 9ish hours, Alitalia MD11/B772
LIRF-KSFO, 12ish hours, Alitalia B772
LIRF-FIMP, 10ish hours, Alitalia A330/B772
LIRF-VHHX, 10ish hours, Alitalia MD11/B742
LYBE-TNCM, 9 hours, Generic (Air Serbia) A330