Member since 2014

How long have people been a member on the if community? and when was your first flight? Mine was back in 2014, in june if i remember correctly. And if you remember, what plane did you use on your first flight

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2019, I believe.

First flight was on Solo, used an Aer Lingus A321 and barrel rolled into a mountain.


I’ve been playing since December 2014 and my first flight was at SFO on a C172

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Did you butter?;)

Couldn’t even figure out how to takeoff lol

I couldnt even taxi so if you knew that somewhat you were better than me

i started flying right after Global was released. just like butters, i couldnt even takeoff

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I first downloaded IF back in 2012, I remember trying to find the edge of the regions in a 172. (At this point I was mostly just messing around, I don’t think I really ever “completed” flights)

I only joined the IFC in 2019 though, which is also when I started flying on Live


Nice story man!

I started in August 27th 2016 and I don’t remember what aircraft I used but I didn’t get pro subscription until April of 2018.

Now I’ve been playing since then.

But I haven’t been playing recently because I’m waiting for 23.2 and for the A380 rework which won’t be for awhile (the A380 rework)


lmao i did almost the same thing

I dont remeber exactly when I started. All I remember is I have been playing since the klax-knuc days.

That’s some impressive memory right there

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April 2018 not April 2017

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Playing since 2018. Joined the community not even a year ago. My first flight was SFO, 28R, in a United 737-700. But I ended up not being able to rotate 💀

I first got infinite flight on March 5th 2016. I had a few subscriptions on and off from April 2017- Feburary 2019, and have been an annual subscriber since.

I dont remember my first flight, however I watched a friend fly on IF a year or so before getting the sim, so I had a good idea on how to fly.

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Started in the Winter of 2015. I believe my first flight was on an Aer Lingus A321 in San Francisco. I didn’t join the community until 2021

August 2022

Mine was May 19, 2012 in the c172