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It’s says I’m a basic Usenet in the fourns how do I become a higher level

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I want to know how to upgrade form a basic to a regular

Devon’s link above tells you exactly what you need to advance in Trust Levels and eventually become a Regular.


Yep… The link tells you all you need to know :p but here is the requirements for a member (From the link)

visiting at least 15 days, not sequentially
casting at least 1 like
receiving at least 1 like
replying to at least 3 different topics
entering at least 20 topics
reading at least 100 posts
spend a total of 60 minutes reading posts

Hey can someone like my post ;)


u don’t ask for things btw, you earn it :) anyways welcome to forum


Make something unique-something that helps others, expand the community knowledge database.

That’s what gets you likes and more importantly, respect ;).

I know it was a joke

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When you say entering at least 20 topics, what do you mean? :)

Hey Gents,

Any chance someone with more knowledge can look at my page and tell me why I am not TL2?

I have read and re-read how to become TL2, and I have accomplished all requirements… Any help would be much appreciated.

This community have now their own promotion restrictions. So keep reading and participating (intelligently) and you’ll be promoted!

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Best answer- IFC have their requirements tweaked slightly from the discourse original requirements.

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Since we don’t know specifically - just be constructive,leave likes and try not to get flagged! Do this and you’ll be memebrs in no time…


Thanks partner…

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How do you get flagged??

You’re welcome! Have fun ;-)

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