Member, Or regular?

Hi everyone, I’ve got a question. So I’ve seen many people that are regulars here, which got me interested into being a regular as well!

Is there anything that says all the requirements to become a Regular? Or can anyone else please list the requirements here? Help is much appreciated. Thanks!



The requirements for being a regular haven’t been announced publicly for various different reasons.


There are no published requirements for Regular. Just keep being helpful on the forum, and you should get there soon :)


Oh! I didn’t know that… Well I Guess I’ll never know… Thanks for the help!


You need to break into vault to find out. Its site secret :)


The reason they’re not published is both because it should be something achieved naturally and organically over time (see: do a bunch of touch and goes at an uncontrolled field and suddenly you’re an “expert” pilot) and there is some human intervention.


Well based on seeing the “Regular” badge it says that sticking with us for “months”

Just be helpful and very active, and you’ll get there in no time

Shhhhhh… top secret info

Just like the info for the xcub and A350

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As everyone says, keep posting, liking and

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Except for me… I say: Be Happy, Smile and Have Fun. Be respectful of others and keep your posts relevant to the current topic. Try your best to provide support, by helping others in any way possible but if you’re not in area of your expertise then let it be to be handled by someone else. As for the relevant part, make sure that you are able to further the discussion or are actually able to assist someome in need of help. Then again… being a Regular and a Member has not much differences as they do in commonality. In the end you are you, I am Me. Getting Regular status will grant you a few new things which btw I myself don’t take advantages of… so in the end, you as a human, how good you are in using your words, to have composure, to understand others, and be able to assist someone, that’s what counts, the work you do not what status you reach.

Now I understand that many wants to reach Regular, so above is my advice. Being active, like, post… blah blah blah. Be Happy, Smile and Have Fun. That’s the most important part which people tend to forget about, the simple things in life. Honestly, if you stick to the topic, make sure your posts are indeed relevant, and are able to make the conversation progress or the OP to receive his help, then you’re on your way to TL3 ;)