Melbourne to Sydney short hop [LIVE STREAMING] [SPAWN IN]@YMML @131315ZOCT19

Its my first time doing a group flight. Can anyone explain anything very quick. Thanks! :)

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Same username :)

Welcome to the community! So basically you spawn in at the airport and we fly together! But make sure to follow the instructions!

So in our case, spawn into Melbourne in 30 minutes and be ready to fly!

I’ll take a gate at Melbourne

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I signed you and @muza1200 up! Thnaks for coming

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Do we spawn at any gate?

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Just spawn next to me at 2:50 CST

Ok I’ll try to get the timing right

I’ll come :DDDD

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Alright. I would like to join! :)

@AarkonTV When is your stream gonna start?

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What gate are we spawning at?

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Ok guys we are spawning at the C gates 1-10
Your number will be your gate number…
Example- my name is by the “1.” So I will be C01

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At 2 50PM CST

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Okay thats good. Can u send the link of your Youtube channel? I can’t find it. How many subs do you have?

What livery are we using?

And what flight number?

The reason I’m asking is that TigerAir doesn’t seem to be a livery on the A320 in infinite flight.

Tiger air a319**