Melbourne to Rio - South Polar View in a LATAM A359

This was the longest haul I’ve ever been on. 17 hours 3 mins. And my first time flying over the Antarctic. As I crossed over into the Antarctic I couldn’t help but admire the surreal scenery like it was on another planet. The land of the midday night. And buttered the landing into Rio as an added bonus! Tried to get some good screen grabs of the flight (my first time uploading screenshots), hope you enjoy it!

Route: YMML - SBGL
Server Expert
**Flight Time: 17hrs 3mins


nice photos! the range of the a350 is pretty impressive

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Stun. Ning!

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That’s amazing! The range of a350 is totally amazing
I will fly from klax to omdb using a350


Thank you! Yes haha it certainly is!

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Nice! Looking forward to Screenshots from your flight!

Felt like absolute butter on that landing haha. Thank you!

A350? Check
Latam? Check

Amazing shots! Can’t wait to see more.

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Great shots mate! Love the second one!

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Thank you!


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Thanks a lot haha that’s my fav too!

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