Melbourne in Infinite Flight?

I’m so confused right now. I was on Instagram and then I found this post

which says "Jetstar B787 at Melbourne Airport " I asked if there is Melbourne because I didn’t know it and people actually said yes there is… [not only one] I switched through all airports in the Sydney region and didn’t find it… so is there actually Melbourne Airport?

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No there isn’t. Melbourne is in the south of Canberra

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The post it’s light exaggerated…

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Why is it exaggerated I just want to know it

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He could be in Canberra and just said it was in “Melbourne”

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Yeah that’s what I thought untill other people said there is Melbourne airport in IF

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Can’t be, i’ve looked up on Google to avoid confusion and it is like far from Canberra.

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Ok, thank you! (:

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Not yours, the Instagram post…never mind. I didn’t expressed my comment well enough.


Actually it’s southwest from Canberra


I’d say a mod can close this Topic thank’s for clearing me up guys! :-) @Henrik @Carson


No need to close - this will die down by itself. Also, next time please flag instead of tagging us. :)


As a person from Melbourne may I say how embarrassing and rude it is for Qantas to use Canberra (the capital of Australia and the most boring territory in the world) as Melbourne (the current most livable city in the world as determined by the The Economist and the most amazing city).

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I was one of the ones that told you there was. Sorry about that.

There is no Melbourne…yet