Melbourne Fly-Out! @YMML - 230030ZSEP18

Server: Expert

Airport: YMML

Time: September 22 at 7:30 PM EDT

NOTAM: Departure and arrival runway 34

Terminal B (Qantas)
Gate B21: YMML-YPPH Qantas B789
Gate B22: YMML-YPDN Qantas B738
Gate B23: YMML-RJTT Qantas B744
Gate B24: YMML-NZAA Qantas B763
Gate B25: YMML-YSSY Qantas B738 @esant_15
Gate B26: YMML-YPPH Qantas B738
Gate B27: YMML-YBCS Qantas A320
Gate B28: YMML-YSCB Qantas B738
Gate B29 YMML-YSSY Qantas B738
Gate B30: //////CLOSED/////

Terminal C (Domestic + International Overflow)
Gate C1: YMML-YPPH Qantas B763
Gate C2: YMML-WMKK Malaysia Airlines B738
Gate C3: YMML-WSSS Qantas B763
Gate C4: YMML-WIII Garuda Indonesia B738
Gate C6: ////////CLOSED/////////
Gate C7: YMML-WMKK Qantas B763
Gate C8: YMML-YPAD Qantas B738
Gate C9: YMML-YBAS Qantas B738
Gate C10: YMML-YMLT Qantas B738
Gate C11: YMML-VABB Qantas B744
Gate C12: YMML-YWLM Qantas B763

Terminal D (International)
Gate D2: //////////CLOSED/////////
Gate D3: YMML-NZAA Air New Zealand B77W
Gate D4: YMML-RJTT Japan Airlines B772
Gate D5: YMML-VTBS Thai Airlines B744
Gate D6: YMML-VIDP Air India B77L
Gate D7: YMML-ZSPD China Eastern 77W
Gate D8: YMML-WSSS Singapore Airlines B78X @Capt.SkyWalker ate D9: YMML-KLAX Qantas A388 @Shadow87645
Gate D10: YMML-FAOR South African A346
Gate D11: YMML-OMDB Emirates B77W
Gate D12: YMML-OTHH Qatar B77L
Gate D13: YMML-KSFO Qantas A388
Gate D14: YMML-VHHH Cathay Pacific B77W
Gate D15: YMML-RJAA All Nippon Airways B772
Gate D16: YMML-OMDB Emirates A388
Gate D17: YMML- RPLL Philippines A321
Gate D18: YMML-KLAX United B789
Gate D20: YMML-CYVR Air Canada B77W @TheTyGuy426

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Just so you know, terminals ‘B’ and ‘C’ (terminal 1 in real life) is used for Qantas domestic only. International flights only use terminal ‘D’ (terminal 2 in real life). Just a minor detail but I thought I would bring it up.


Nice event, just check this topic to see how to format it right

Thanks, Oli

Okay, no problem. Would you like to sign up for this event?

Can I have gate B25?

I have added you to the event.

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Is it possible if I fly the a320 jetstar to cairns?
If not I will take any flight to Brisbane

Unfortunately I am not able to join this event because it clashes with school but have fun!

@Cwilliams21 Sure! is it ok if I give you the Brisbane flight?

Can I please get Gate D9 YMML - KLAX Qantas A388

@Pingu can u put me on the ybbn (Brisbane) gate but is it possible that I go to cairns (it is a actual flight)

Hey, your event looks great, but how can you be so sure that runway 16 won’t be in use? Just a small thing.
Also want to ask, are you trying to do a realistic fill out or just a “infinite flight style” fly out?


@Panther , I am trying to do more of an ‘Infinite Flight Styler event’… ^-^
@Shadow87645 , I have added you to that route…
@Cwilliams21, No problem!



Thanks appreciate it

Hi I just found out I am going on a cruise from the 22nd to the 1st so could you pls take me off the list
Thanks for your help and I will decently attend more events like this and of yours
(Pls do more Aussie fly out events)


Oh, sorry you couldn’t make it… I’ll remove you now.

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Sign me up :-) SVA0036 Gate D8: YMML-WSSS Singapore Airlines B78X

Okay, I have added you to the event!

Also, happy anniversary of joining the community!


There are 4 days left until the event!