Melbourne City Orbits | Cessna 172

Melbourne City Orbits | Cessna 172

Today I had an amazing opportunity to go flying with a mate of mine that I met from working with Qantas at Melbourne Airport. My friend currently holds a Commercial Pilot Licence, so he hired a Cessna 172 for a couple of hours and invited me up flying with him to do a city orbit, and to fly down the coast before returning back to Moorabbin airport here in Melbourne, Australia.

As we took off from runway 17R at Moorabbin airport we departed via the downwind leg and headed towards Albert Park Lake which is also the location of the Formula One Grand Prix.

Pictured above is Albert Park Lake located in Melbourne, Australia. Albert Park Lake is also home to the Formula One Grand Prix Circuit for Melbourne. In the background you can see the city skyline of Melbourne, including the Eureka Tower (front center) which was once considered the tallest building in the Southern Hemisphere.

As we flew over Albert Park Lake, my friend who was also the pilot for this flight, contacted Essendon tower as we were entering Class C controlled airspace to request a right hand city orbit, which we received clearance for and were instructed to maintain 1,500 feet. Luckily for today’s flight, the clouds where scattered at 4,000 - 4,500 so we were all set to commence the city orbit…

Pictured above, is another picture of… well you guessed it, the city! On the lower right corner you can see Southern Cross station which is a major transport hub and thoroughfare for the city of Melbourne. It’s amazing to see the city from this perspective and it shows you and gives you a true appreciation of the beautiful city which Melbourne is, and the vastness of all the stories, and all the individual lives that are lived within it.

Pictured above we have another stunning shot of the Melbourne City Skyline with the beautiful Royal Botanic Gardens of Melbourne in the foreground. Views like this, make me understand how people get addicted to flying.

In conclusion, it was an amazing experience to go up flying over the wonderful city of Melbourne with my mate, and the photos above are only a mere glimpse into the true experience as pictures can not explain how surreal it truly was to see the city from a whole different prospective.

To add to the fun as well, the aircraft we were flying was a Cessna 172RG which meant that it has a retractable undercarriage which is super unique and very rare. It was interesting to see the gear coming up on a Cessna.

And to finish it all off, below is a screenshot of our flight tracking curtesy of FlightRadar24:

Hope you all enjoyed reading through about my amazing experience today!


Wow the view is just amazing

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It certainly is mate. Was an amazing experience and so grateful for the opportunity!

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What time was this, non zero chance I might have spotted you

Incredible views! Thanks for sharing :)

Thanks mate! That’s certainly one word of many I would use to describe the experience.

It was around 2PM - 3PM this afternoon. Let me know if you did! We were in VH-JVG a white and orange Cessna 172.

Thanks mate. I enjoying sharing my experiences to help inspire others, and to also share the experience with others that may not have the opportunity.


I hope this does not get cancelled again…

Brilliant view from Melbroune :D

Thanks mate! I hope it doesn’t get cancelled as well. Always a favourite of mine!

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