Melbourne Approach Timelapse!

Hi everyone! This will be my first ever IFATC timelapse! Inspired by @Shane’s videos, i’ll start making these everytime I have some sort of challenging session!

A few people who helped my out was @lucaviness who controlled Melbourne Approach just before the session while I assisted, next was @United2 and his awesome GTS service! Lastly, @justifyletters and his outstanding GTS service! I used an S-Pattern approach for this one. Enjoy!

Click on the image for the video



Cool! Over what time frame was this?

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Between 2020-12-28T17:30:00Z2020-12-28T19:00:00Z :)

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Damn! Why is it I always miss out on popping up on one of these timelapses by less than half an hour.

Ok enough ranting now…

Really nice time-lapse. Keep it up!


Really good timelapse! @Kamryn

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Why didn’t you use runway 07/25? It would have helped a lot get more departures out.

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Runway 25 was indeed used for departures, we limited arrivals to just Runway 16.

Oh my. I was launching them out of there. Did you watch the video?

Great job @Kamryn!


Absolutely stunning piece of work!! Keep it up bro❤️

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Daaaaaaammnnnnn, looks so cool

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Nice! It was cool to see the all the traffic. I particularly liked to see how you entered aircraft into your S-approach. Very nice. Looking forward to more.

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