Meigs Field, well what's left of it

Yes, that’s right I’m at Meigs Field. I think many people have heard of Meigs Field. It’s 3D now which is a nice touch. I thought it’d be interesting to show the community what’s left of the this now demolished airport. Damn you Mayor Daley

Control Tower, it’s so short.

This was once the main building at Meigs, it’s now the Northerly Island visiting center.

I’m standing at what was once the Southern End of the runway, now its just a little bay, for kayaking and fishing.

This was about the middle of the runway, some of the concrete from the runway still exist. I can grab some for anyone that wants it

Anyway, I’m really sad this airport got demolished. But I love the greenery its become and the nature sanctuary in the Urban Area. I’d definitely recommend visiting this airport if you ever come to Chicago. I’m not sure if this is the right catergory, if not than could someone move it or tell me where it belongs.


The only thing to spot from megs rn is the bears flyovers💀Daley is worse than lightfoot for closing megs


Yessir. I literally didn’t know about the trail until a few hours ago. It’s an interesting spot.

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I’ve seen it a few times but it is a shame that it has closed down

Great shots, thanks for sharing!

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