Mega Phoenix Event Flights and The Three Escorts

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Just a little bit ago I had completed my second flight for the Mega Phoenix Event that was run earlier today at, well, (surprise) Phoenix. Here’s some photos of that flight, including being intercepted not just once or twice, but a whole three times!

Mini-mod repellent

Server: Expert
Where: Medford (KMFR) and Phoenix (KPHX)
Aircraft: CRJ-700, American Eagle livery

1| Beginning my takeoff roll at Medford, with @N916WK in the TBM in the background

2| Being escorted on my way down to Phoenix, by the same @N916WK but in an F-16 now

3| Later on, about halfway through the inbound to Phoenix leg, I get intercepted by @Butter575 (who was also the event host) in an F-22

4| Landing at Phoenix

5| Chilling at the gate waiting for the go ahead to get going with @United403 back there in the American Eagle E175

6| Launching out of Phoenix with the same E175 as the previous image and @Aviator_Billy71 in the Southwest B737

7| @United403 making a return, but as the third and final escort of the day.
That giant box in the top left quarter i don’t know where it came from

8| Mt. Shasta dead ahead off in the distance

9| Moonshot

10| Buttering the initial touchdown, with United403 lurking in the dark just to the left of the runway


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