Mega Old A380 Flight

Here are a few shots from my massive group flight with the old Emirates A380. Our route was Dubai to San Francisco and took us about 15 hours. Thank you everyone who participated!

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Thank you: @RyanairLander @United403 @Rodrigo.O194 @717Flier @GurIsGur @MacGyver @If.EnglandYT @Topgottem @TruKnight @J-F_V @IF_California @Pilot_o114 @Monkey_Pilots for participating in this event!

Minimod Repellent

Route: Dubai to San Francisco
Altitude: 38000
Speed: Mach 0.85
Time: 15 hours

The group getting ready

Starting to taxi

More back taxiing because of a little accident

Departure with everyone in line

So long Dubai!


Descending over San Francisco

Buttering of course

Everyone coming in

Everyone parked or parking!

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Amazing shots @Butter575! Hope the flight was good:D


Thank you!

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No problem! Anytime:D:)

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Amazing shots. It makes IF better and better. We need similar events. Thanks for a good eye shower.


Thank you.

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Wow this is sick !!


Thanks! :)

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nice shots dude !!!

Vary nice, im sorry I couldn’t make it all the way. but I hope to see you all on a future flight hopefully.

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Wow! I didn’t realize to the extent of how well my taxi resolution for the little incident turned out and the picture has the most likes. I’m a little proud 🥹👍😂


You should be proud! It went pretty well


Very cool photos especially in the group!

Bro, 12 months later. How did you even find this

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I simply found it somewhere