Mega Midway Flyout


Welcome to the Midway Flyout hosted by @Butter575 and @United403! We are really excited to host this event because it is an amazing airport and we hope that it will get a lot of traffic for this event!

Server: Training
Airport: KMDW
Date: 03DEC22


Terminal A
Gate Airline Aircraft Route User
A01 Volaris A319 Zacatecas @Lufthansa1
A02 Volaris A319 Guadalajara
A03 Porter DH8D Toronto-City @AirCanada11
A05 Delta A320 Atlanta @Apple_Haye
A07 Delta CRJ7 Minneapolis
A09 Delta CRJ9 Detroit
A10 Southwest 737-800 Orlando @CaptainE
A11 Southwest 737-800 Phoenix
A12 Southwest 737-800 San Jose
A14 Southwest 737-700 Minneapolis
A15 Southwest 737-700 Regan DCA @Metro_Aviation
A16 Southwest 737-800 St. Louis
A17 Southwest 737-800 Houston-Hobby
A18 Southwest 737-800 Boston
A19 Southwest 737-700 Minneapolis
Terminal B
Gate Airline Aircraft Route User
B01 Southwest 737-700 Salt Lake City @Monkey_Pilots
B02 Southwest 737-800 Orlando @Cooper
B03 Southwest 737-700 Cleveland @Flyin.Hawaiian
B05 Southwest 737-800 Atlanta @Ryan_Carney
B07 Southwest 737-800 Denver @RyanairLander
B08 Southwest 737-800 Palm Springs
B09 Southwest 737-800 La Guardia @EnthusiasticAviation
B10 Southwest 737-800 Richmond @RagonDragon
B11 Southwest 737-700 Birmingham
B12 Southwest 737-700 San Antonio @United403
B14 Southwest 737-700 Dallas-Love
B15 Southwest 737-700 Rochester @ROC.Aviation
B16 Southwest 737-700 Denver @AviationAlpha
B17 Southwest 737-800 Oakland @AmericanB772
B18 Southwest 737-800 Las Vegas
B19 Southwest 737-700 Memphis
B20 Southwest 737-700 Kansas City
B21 Southwest 737-800 Baltimore
B22 Southwest 737-800 New Orleans
B23 Southwest 737-800 Los Angeles @Avaitor1
B24 Southwest 737-800 Albuquerque
B25 Southwest 737-800 Austin
B26 Southwest 737-700 Nashville
Terminal C
Gate Airline Aircraft Route User
C01 Frontier A321 Las Vegas
C02 Frontier A320 Tampa
C03 Avelo 737-800 New Haven @JMacMcd

Air Traffic Control

Frequency User
Ground @Butter575
Tower @Butter575
Departure @JetSetBOS


  • We are not responsible for violations
  • If ATC is not present, use Unicom correctly
  • Follow ATC instructions if provided
  • Act professional
  • Have Fun!

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Last Event at MDW

Probably will come to them if I get my subscription back by then


this gate please… my good sir

I’ll get you down.

This please as my first Expert event😃😃😃😃

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Awesome! I’ll get you signed up

I’ll be going to Salt Lake for this event please!!

You are signed up!

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This one please, thanks a lot!

I’ll get you down

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Let’s get some more signups

This route looks fascinating enough. Let’s pray that 22.7 comes out before then though lol.

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I’m pretty sure it’ll be out before December. I’ll get you down now

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Let’s hope at least haha!

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Let’s get some more signups

This one will be the one I will be taking

I’ll get you down shortly

Lets get some more signups

Been pretty quiet here

Let’s get some more sign ups