Mega Dallas Fort Worth Event

B9) Palm springs PSP - A321
You are signed up! I am glad you all support me for my surgery in 3 weeks!

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Thanks for attending!

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No problem! See you there

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We have 3 weeks until this event! Let’s get as much sign ups as possible!

Do you want a gate?

Yes please!

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What route?

Can It be KDEN - BIKF?

You can connect to KDEN if you want but this is a KDFW flyout

Oops, my bad I meant KDFW.

Sure I will get you a gate!

Awesome, thanks!

What airline and aircraft?

757, icelandair maybe?

I don’t think a B752 can go that far

Oh, Icelandair does it 4x times a week,

Okay sorry I just checked and a B752 can go over 10 hours so Ic an get you signed up! Just make sure to put in 100% fuel when you spawn!

Alrighty! Thanks.

D12) Iceland air-(Reykjavik BIKF) B752
Your all signed up!

Let’s get some more sign ups!