Meeting With A Cessna Worker

Sooner or later, I have been hooked up with someone who works at Cessna, in Wichita, Kansas. If you guys have any questions, please ask here! I’ll be sure to ask.

(Please keep relevant; I’d like questions based on something like Cessna’s Business Model, or something related to flight.)


What’s your favorite Cessna made aircraft?

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How automated is the production process? (maybe compared to somewhere like Boeing where it is hands on quite a lot alongside machines)


Do they hire their own ferry pilots?


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Are they planning for the future to have Trans-Atlantic planes?


How big do you think Cessna Will grow?

How has the Textron acquisition of the Beechcraft product lines impacted future plans for single and duel engine GAs?

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Do you have plans for a passenger aircraft?

They have passenger aircraft…

They do? Did not know that

I don’t totally understand what his job is, but, if this worker is one of the workers who help build the cessnas, I would be very interested to hear what part of construction he is involved in. Ex: does he paint or construct, etc.? Hope to hear a reply. Thanks!

lol the C172 is a passenger aircraft

Post in fact I think 99% of there aircraft are passenger

I meant a commercial aircraft, what major airline uses a 172?

C172 Airways, they’re based in my imagination and they fly to my phone 😉

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