Meeting an Instructor - Free flight lessons with an Interesting catch!

Hi everyone, and happy Tuesday :)
Today, I went to Portsmouth to do the paperwork and Drug Test for Port City Air FBO, and before I went in, I met a kid who told me his dad flies a Cirrus SR-22.

I honestly did not expect the response he would give me. I greeted him, asked about his aircraft, and his first words were, “You interested in Aviation?” I of course said I’ve flown twice in a Cessna 172, but told him that Flight School was just too expensive.
Next thing you know, He tells me he owns a computer store for computer repairs and offers me Flight Lessons if I help him repair computers!
I have repaired one computer in my lifetime, but I am very good with Electronics, as I sometimes open some up for fun or just to look at the internals.
This is something I cannot get away from, and so he gives me his number.

Now here is the issue: I will begin working at Port City Air starting next week, with me working second shift (1pm-9pm) in Portsmouth, NH (PSM). It’s a 45min drive to get to PSM, and so this instructor lives in Lebanon, NH (About an hour drive). I would have to work something out in order for this to work, but I am interested in doing it, for the sake of learning how to fly.

He and I will talk about how this will work, as he doesn’t want me to conflict with my new job.
This was a Real and Genuine offer. He really sees the aviation blood in me, as he can see that I want to learn, but that Flight Schools are just too expensive.

Have you ever experienced something like this? Comment below on what you think about this topic.


Um no I haven’t done this! Sounds like an amazing opportunity!! Take the offer and run! Well not far…


Good luck!

Good luck I’m so jealous!

Well since flight schools are so expensive but the world is in such high demand for airline pilots, some local companies offer to pay for most of your education.
Lucky me, I have one of those in my town, and I have already signed up! Then the EAA (Expiremental aircraft association) will help you out with your lesson costs and such.
I’m glad you got yourself into a flight school for free as well!

Oh my gosh! You are extremely lucky. I wish something like this happened with me. Like @The_Geniusman said you NEED to take this opportunity and run with it

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Thanks everyone, it is a great opportunity! We’ll be talking about this matter tomorrow to see if I can do it or not

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Very cool! Is the guy a CFI?

This is certainly an interesting story, and you may look very busy over the Summer season!

I also saw free books about the key terms of aviation for free. This may help me understand more in the Aviation skills.

Here is the website. It’s simply a PDF version of the handbooks.

Just as @Jack_Q mentioned there is plenty of learning opportunities in which even schools in my country guarantees a full education in the roles of a Pilot and especially Air Traffic Control. If you decide to leave the school you will have to pay large amounts of money. So if you join, you will have to finish it.


@Chad_Garnett the first Saturday of every month is flight day for any kid who is envolved. They have a c172 for every kid. So every kid goes up, sits in the left seat and acts as the PIC, and once he/she is ready to, they will conduct everything involved in a solo flight, except for communication with ATC and landing the plane. You gotta have your license for that. So the instructor does everything you legally aren’t allowed to do without the license. To answer your question, yes the instructor has to be a CFI.

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